Thursday, May 15, 2014


A crash course in the athletic aesthetic 

WAS £28 NOW £15

I never thought I'd be adding a printed baseball to my wardrobe.
 In fact I'm still not sure if it was the mesmerizing digital print which hypnotized me into buying it or if the purchase is a direct result of partaking in a month-long Iggy Azalea and Childish Gambino Spotify binge. 

Regardless of both of these factors, Baseball tees are big news right now. I'm not entirely sure where this recent high street fashion fad sprouted from, but the sporty jerseys are everywhere at the moment. So what better opportunity to dip my toes in the trend than with a sneaky purchase from the Topshop sale rail at Merry Hill? 

This specimen is from the Escapology range at Topshop, which I *think* is an in-house brand specializing in casual basic pieces boasting crazy digital prints. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but if you like to stand out from the sartorial masses, then you'll probably be a fan of their bold pieces.

Firstly can we just address the fact that this shirt is HUMONGOUS. But go big or go home I guess. Baseball tops are meant to swamp your natural shape a little to create a new, baggier silohuette; the tunic style actually makes it quite complimentary to some body types. A bit like 
an urban kaftan. 

Buying a baseball shirt was kind of a big sartorial fork in the wardrobe for me, because I'm totally aware that I look kind of ridiculous in most sportswear inspired clothes- I figured that one out at high school whilst totally NOT rocking a PE uniform for five years thanks to my knobbly knees and pre-pubescent boyish frame. It was an awkward time for us all, right?! 

So yeah, I generally steer clear of anything which hails back to tennis courts, running tracks, swimming pools etc etc. which I kept in mind when styling the tee for the photos below. 

When it comes to styling 'trend pieces,' it's best to cushion them in alongside some of your fave wardrobe staples to create a more personalized take on the trend. 
So for example I've styled the tee alongside my beloved Monki slouchy trousers to continue the relaxed silhouette, then added my favourite Topshop sunglasses and cobalt blue Zara bag for a personal touch. Simple strappy heels are a must for this look; I'm all for androgynous fashion but a sharp heel keeps the look from appearing TOO relaxed.

So if that's inspired you to kick it sports style and bag a Baseball tee, make sure you check out the Topshop sale rail at Merry Hill. I'm not entirely sure how many of the Escapology tees were left but Primark and River Island also have plenty of similar styles in stock right now too.

Love Daisy x

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